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Hello. My name is Neil Pursey and I’m the founder of Webgrowth. So I’ve been in the digital marketing space for just over 10 years now – and our mission has always been to simplify digital marketing for businesses and to help them leverage the power of digital using data. One of the biggest challenges we’re seeing in the industry is that digital marketing teams continue to execute their campaigns in this traditional silo’d approach – all competing for the same budget, all having their own agendas and not really aligning to a central objective for the business. This inefficient approach is creating bloat within agencies – causing them to employ a disproportionate amount of juniors who are left to manage large accounts and large corporates are spending exorbitant amounts of cash on campaigns that aren’t producing the returns that they should be getting. And some don’t even know they can be doing better, so we’ve helped take a startup from zero traffic to over 200 000 visitors (it’s actually closing in on 300 000 visitors this last month) and this was all done with only an R2500 monthly media budget. Scary. And we’ve taken Webgrowth, with only a 3 person team, to number one in Google and compete against the biggest institutions in South Africa.

So – it is possible to disrupt and for the David to take on the Goliath in this modern world of technology.

The framework we talk about pulls down the traditional silos and delivers on the single most important business objective, which is growth. This blueprint framework of ours can be implemented within large in-house corporate marketing teams, digital agencies, all the way down to the small business wanting to grow their sales.

This framework all started from one competitor comment on a blog post of ours – it opened the doors to really fully understanding website architecture, content pillars, content promotion and so much more. We believe that EVERY digital marketer wanting to add value needs to understand these methodologies we teach. Even down to the small business owner who tinkers with their company’s Facebook page.

So – join us at our next workshop or sign up to our online course where we discuss this framework and attempt to solve real digital industry problems.

See you there!

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