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Neil Pursey


Cape Town


Digital Marketer


9+ years

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Neil Pursey is a South African entrepreneur, digital marketer, educator and public speaker. In his speaking Neil has championed the principle of using data to inform digital marketing strategies, and has encouraged the pursuit of simplifying perceived complexity in the field of SEO and data analytics.

Neil is a co-founder of the GROW Academy, an NGO focused on providing digital marketing training to over 1000 of South Africa’s under-resourced youth. He is also an instructor at AAA Advertising School, Silulo Ulutho Technologies and Tsiba Education.

He has spoken at conferences like Wordcamp and top Institutions in South Africa. In 2014 he launched Webgrowth Academy, which provides online education and covers multiple digital marketing disciplines forming the Webgrowth Framework.

He has 11 years experience in search marketing and has taken a small startup, Webgrowth, to become one of the leading digital marketing training companies in South Africa.

“Our goal at Webgrowth is for our students to not just be consumers of information. Rather, they should be active creators and contributors – taking our craft as digital marketers forward. That’s what we mean when we talk about mastery.”


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