Growth strategies change at the speed of tech. Webgrowth’s digital marketing course is based on successful performance and growth marketing techniques from the past 12 months. Neil Pursey takes you through the digital marketing process that Webgrowth uses in house and for their clients.

Neil strips away the complexities of digital marketing and keeps you focused on what matters and delivers a performance framework that can be implemented from small businesses to the largest corporates.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Snapshot into our methodology 00:02:12
Introduction to course 00:06:00
Our Penny Drop Moments 00:08:00
Performance Formula 00:05:00
Business Objectives 1a 00:02:08
Business Objectives 1b 00:04:24
Types of Metrics 00:04:21
The Digital Industry Needs Alignment 00:04:19
Quiz 1 00:10:00
Module 2
Introduction to Research 00:04:31
Keyword Research 00:00:58
Creating Content Pillars 00:08:12
Content Research 00:04:04
Prioritising Keywords 00:12:07
Module 3
Introduction to Website Architecture 00:04:31
Two Focus Areas 00:02:15
Duplicate Content 00:02:34
Internal and External Links 00:07:25
Introduction to URL structure 00:06:47
Penny Drop Moment #2 00:04:48
Page and Domain Authority 00:03:22
Quiz 3 00:10:00
Module 4
Optimising for search 00:03:03
WordPress and SEO 00:04:46
Anatomy of a Good Landing Page 00:07:33
Anatomy of a Good Blog Post 00:04:49
Blog Post Optimisation 00:30:00
It is time to get Blogging! 00:05:00
Quiz 4 00:10:00
Module 5
Introduction to Content Promotion 00:05:14
Business Objectives influencing Content Promotion 00:08:33
Traction Points from Content Promotion 00:02:24
Content Promotion Influencing SEO 00:04:54
Fundamental Principles of Paid Search 00:05:15
Connecting Business Objectives to Google Adwords 00:09:06
Pay Attention to Bid Types 00:02:47
Two Email Strategies 00:04:56
Quiz 5 00:10:00
Module 6
Introduction to Marketing Automation 00:04:13
User Journey and Marketing Automation 00:12:16
Business Objectives for Lead Nurturing 00:03:55
Workflows: What are they? 00:04:08
Re-marketing to Warm Leads 00:02:21
Don’t Just Sell. Create Value. 00:03:21
Landing Pages that Convert 00:02:45
Quiz 6 00:20:00
Module 7
Introduction to Traction Methodology 00:03:30
Short and Long Term Traction Strategies 00:07:25
Going Granular 00:08:07
Strategy without Traction Lens Example 00:04:56
SEO’s Low Hanging Fruit 00:11:59
Finding Traction in Adword Campaigns 00:04:16
Finding Opportunities in Emails 00:01:47
What to look for in Social Media 00:05:14
Module 8
Why do we Report? 00:02:23
Reporting on “Out Of Sights” 00:04:13
Reporting to your internal team 00:08:05
Reporting to your Clients 00:11:54
Introduction to Google Analytics 00:03:02
Adwords User Behaviour 00:00:00
Google’s Search Console 00:05:19
Traffic Channels 00:05:47
UTM Tracking 00:00:00
Quiz 8 00:30:00
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