Digital Skills Are Becoming Even More Scarce

Recently, job aggregator Adzuna completed some research to see how scarce digital skills in South Africa have become. While the usual culprits came to the fore, such as developers and tech skills, the placement of digital skills was interesting.

The research was simple to complete. The amount of job listings posted was taken as a measure of the demand for a skill. The more companies looking for a SQL developer, for example, the higher the demand for SQL skills. Similarly, job seeker searches for “SQL developer” jobs were seen as a measure of the supply of that same skill. A high demand and low supply means a skill is rare and hard for companies to find and place in their teams.

The below image is taken from the table of results, where it is clear that programmers, finance professionals and partly engineers are hard to find in South Africa.

Rareness of skills per job title in South Africa
Scarcity of skills per job title in South Africa

But where does that leave digital skills? The below table shows the comparison in demand and supply, as well as average salary, from September 2017 until May 2018, for digital skills in South Africa.

“Scarcity” factor May 2018% change in “scarcity” since Sept 2017Ave. salary – May 2018Salary difference since Sept 2017
11,214%R441 6519%

Not only have digital skills increased in demand relative to supply, showing that they are even more scarce and more sought after, but they have also seen an increase in average salary. A 9% salary increase over an 8 month period means a 13,5% increase over an annual period, well above inflation. Digitally skilled staff thus can relax somewhat in a challenging job environment in South Africa, with the knowledge that they should be able to find fairly paid work, should they need to.

Webgrowth has previously reported that digital skills are good to have. This new data confirms and cements this view, showing young and graduating digital professionals that they are on the right track to a rewarding and promising career.

August 27, 2018
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