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Your Content Manager Checklist

Job Description

The primary role of the ‘Content Manager’ is to develop and coordinate digital content strategies across platforms. In doing so, the Content Manager manages a team of content creators, editors and data analysts and monitors and reports on content marketing metrics.

The Content Manager is required to oversee and manage the creation and implementation of content which is optimised to drive traffic, create leads, encourage engagement, retain customers and ultimately deliver sales. In doing so, the Content Manager should be able to effectively develop content appropriate for different online channels – email, social media…etc – and ultimately understand which strategies work best for each channel.

Like most management jobs – the measurement, compilation and presentation of campaign results and objectives is a key component of the position. As well as the ability to manage and work alongside external or internal creative teams.

The Content Marketing Manager is a creative marketing mind with the ability to organise projects, meet deadlines and manage a team. The ability to interpret analytics and troubleshoot web related technical issues is a plus.”

-Russ Henneberry, Editorial Director for DigitalMarketer


  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Editing/Copywriting

Soft Skills

  • Strategic thinking
  • Thinking outside of the box
  • 80 % creativity/ 20% analytics

Online Tools Content Managers need to know

Gather Content
WordPress (optional – many agencies use this publishing platform)
Yoast SEO (optional – only if you decide to use WordPress)

Stay Ahead

It’s common, and in your best interests, to begin your career journey toward content management as a copywriter. From copywriting you can then progress into editing which will brilliantly prepare you for your role as a content manager. It’s also advisable to have some kind of background in content.

“In today’s complex buyer landscape, you have to produce thought leadership content in order to draw your prospects in and prompt them to share your messaging across their networks. Content feeds the beast! You need content to fuel your social marketing, email marketing, lead nurturing, and scoring.Your content needs to be thought provoking, inspiring, and it needs to have the right ingredients to incite an emotional response from your audience.”

-Dayna Rothman, Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Marketo and Author of Lead Generation for Dummies.

Expected Career Growth (dependant on location)

0-2 years: R8 000 – R15 000
2-5 years: R15 000 – R25 000
5-9 years: R25 000 – R40 000+

Recommended Courses

Advanced Digital Marketing – Content


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February 1, 2015

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