The #datafree movement – Moya Messenger

South Africans have always been plagued by expensive data costs, especially on mobile networks. Some of us older folk recall …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenAugust 27, 2018

Digital Skills Are Becoming Even More Scarce

Recently, job aggregator Adzuna completed some research to see how scarce digital skills in South Africa have become. While the …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenJune 28, 2018

Joburg or Cape Town – where to look for a job

We’ve heard it all before – go to Joburg, where the jobs are and the pay is higher. But is …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenMay 21, 2018

These months are best for job searching

While you are not always able to choose exactly when you need to look for a job, it is worth …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenMay 14, 2018

Digital Skills In South Africa Show Promise

South Africa is often seen as “slow to the party” when it comes to developments in the Internet or digital …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenApril 23, 2018

How to truly better your LinkedIn profile

According to recent research by Adzuna, 87% of recruiters out there use LinkedIn as a vetting source to narrow down …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenApril 11, 2018

How to search for a job online, properly

Ever since the first intranet got going, people have communicated about new opportunities, some of which are vacancies in and …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenMarch 20, 2018

What is the best month to find a job?

Last week we looked at how to format your CV to pass through software systems. Finding or changing jobs will …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenMarch 12, 2018

How to format your CV to pass HR software

How to Get Your CV Noticed by Humans According to research I’ve done from time to time through Adzuna, a …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenMarch 4, 2018

A Digital Marketing Guide For Small Business – 2018

As a small business you face many challenges- all too many to discuss in this article. One that caught my …
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Profile PhotoMojalefa MothudiJanuary 13, 2018

An SEO Guide For Website Architecture – 2017

The student’s posts are entirely his or her own views and may not always reflect the views of Webgrowth. How …
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Profile PhotoMojalefa MothudiJuly 25, 2017

The Misconceptions of Facebook Marketing

I want to clarify a few misconceptions about Facebook as a promotional platform, especially for small businesses. I often get asked by small business owners about Facebook marketing and this is generally how it goes, “Neil, should we be on Facebook? John, one of my staff members said that it would be a really good idea to be on Facebook so we can get extra exposure...
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Profile PhotoNeil PurseyMay 9, 2017

Online Marketing: Insights into South Africa’s growing industry

In the medium to longer term we believe the creative agency is moving into a new golden age, where more and more spend will move away from expensive, traditional mass media to content creation and dissemination through more effective, targeted digital channels.
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Profile PhotoNeil PurseyDecember 15, 2016

Blogging with a Purpose: A Case Study

Unfortunately for all you creative gurus and literary geniuses out there – great content is no longer enough. It’s not …
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Profile PhotoJesse GreenDecember 13, 2016

The T-Shaped Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the few careers in which your professional trajectory is completely in your own hands. As …
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Profile PhotoNeil PurseyOctober 18, 2016

A Guide to Facebook Marketing – Your questions answered

Recently, Buzzsumo hosted Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook, for a webinar about her top tips for increasing Facebook reach. She …
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Profile PhotoNeil PurseyJune 23, 2016

Why [some] content teams fail to add business value

“It seems that more brands are simply “publishing” because they can and feel they should, instead of executing a strategic …
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Profile PhotoNeil PurseyApril 29, 2016

Webgrowth plays a part in East Africa’s Digital Boom

The 30th of March 2016 reigned in the ever prestigious Ugandan Social Media Awards (SMA’S) hosted at the Kampala Serena …
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Profile PhotoNeil PurseyMarch 31, 2016

The Rise of Content Analytics

With the fall of traditional paper marketing and the subsequent rise of digital, traditional publishing companies and copywriters are now …
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Profile PhotoNeil PurseyMarch 16, 2016
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