Your Campaign Manager Checklist

Job Description

The Campaign Manager is responsible for the overall development and implementation of an integrated online marketing campaign through the likes of Google AdWords and Social Media Advertising. The Campaign Manager has the duty of tracking and measuring the effectiveness of these advertising channels in accordance with the campaign’s business objectives.

The Campaign Manager then has the responsibility of recording and compiling these results and finally presenting them in campaign activity reports.

The ability to liaise with other departments, both externally and internally, is key to this position. Within a company, the Campaign Manager is expected to ensure that their campaign activity is in alignment with the rest of the digital marketing team (social media, SEO…etc.). Consultation with product development and marketing teams is also vital in ensuring that an integrated and consistent marketing campaign is implemented across the board. Externally, the Campaign manager would also be expected to brief and work alongside creative, digital and media agencies.


  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Overall understanding of social content and SEO (small element)
  • Reporting on business objectives

Soft Skills

  • Strategic mindset
  • Broad based analytics and creative skills

Online Tools Campaign Managers need to know

Facebook Power Editor
Google Adwords
Wordstream (optional – many agencies use this tool)
Twitter Ads

Stay Ahead

“A digital marketer is like a conductor. Many players, a lot of shiny noisy instruments and a big audience.It means understanding the nuances of the new web paradigms and how they interact. It’s about knowing about how each of the social and digital channels operate and interact with each other and the synergies that creates.”

Jeff Bullas, Digital Marketing Guru and Blogger

Interview Considerations

A campaign manager with over 2 years of experience should be able to present 3 of their previous case studies that show how successful the respective campaign was to the business objectives at hand.

A candidate should be able to determine different campaign objectives i.e.

  • Brand awareness
  • Client/customer engagement
  • Offline sales
  • Online sales
  • Lead generation

Expected Career Growth (dependant on location)

0-2 years: R10 000 – R20 000
2-5 years: R20 000 – R32 000
5-9 years: R32 000 – R45 000+

Recommended Courses

Advanced Digital Marketing – Analytics
Google Adwords Certification


How to Evaluate your Digital Marketing Campaign

February 1, 2015

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